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A Wiltshire Maternity Shoot in Magical Fields

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Lauren, Emma, Primrose & Bump's Wiltshire Maternity Shoot

Oh my goodness, I loved this session! Lauren’s first words to me had been “I’m an awkward turtle!” so when she booked in for a maternity shoot we decided to invite her wife Emma and their little girl Primrose along too. That way she wouldn’t be alone and she’d have the two people she loves most in the world in the photos with her and their precious bump.

Now, as you can see from the photos Lauren is most definitely not an awkward turtle and is absolutely beautiful with the most perfect bump. However I would hate for anyone to feel self conscious and uncomfortable in front of the camera so I spent the session giving them little prompts to relax them and then shooting through the moments they shared together. She looked incredible and I think by the end of the shoot had really relaxed and was enjoying herself. Little Primrose had the best time, being showered with attention by Mummy (Lauren) and Mimi (Emma) and giving her new sibling lots of cuddles and kisses on the bump!

close up of daughter wearing wool jacket holding mother to be's pregnancy bump whilst standing in a field in the sunshine kate ventress photography wiltshire maternity shoot

Emma has been the biggest support to Lauren throughout this pregnancy. It hasn’t been the easiest of times and Lauren told me she was surprised just how tough she has found it. Emma has stepped up and done everything for Lauren and Primrose, all with absolute love and devotion. Emma and Lauren knew of my own struggles with fertility and miscarriages so wanted to be open with me about the journey they’d been on to get to this point. They have waited so long for this new addition to their family. After years of IVF, losses and isolations during COVID, they fell pregnant with twins. To give themselves the best chance Lauren is carrying the pregnancy from Emma’s egg. Sadly they lost one of the twins early on in the pregnancy and wanted to honour their babies by taking a photo with the original scan. This photoshoot was a chance for them to commemorate the difficult road they’ve travelled, to look back at the struggles they’ve had and celebrate their relationship and the miracle girl that will soon be joining their family.

cute photo of daughter standing between her two mums and holding pregnancy bump kate ventress photography wiltshire maternity shoot

They asked me to share their story so they could help others and I wholeheartedly agreed. I am always as open as I can be about my journey to motherhood. It’s the most difficult thing to go through and is rarely spoken about. I love that I can help others by honouring the journey they’ve been on and celebrating their new arrivals. This was such a special shoot for me and I am delighted to be able to share Lauren, Emma and Primrose’s story.

mother to be standing in a field with nice sun lighting she is wearing a green dress unbuttoned to show her bump kate ventress photography wiltshire maternity shoot
mother to be standing in field close up of her pregnancy bump that is showing in gap of her red gown kate ventress photography wiltshire maternity shoot

See more of this magical photoshoot in the slideshow below!

If you are interested in arranging a maternity shoot, be sure to get in touch here.


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