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A Bath Maternity Shoot with Boho Vibes

Would you just look at this beautiful little family? I absolutely loved spending a morning with Olivia and Ian for their shoot. It’s not often people request a couple’s maternity shoot so when Olivia asked if Ian could be involved I was over the moon.

I’d ‘met’ Olivia over Instagram (always good to know I’m being found on there!) and we immediately clicked. They had both fallen in love with the softness of my images and the way I use light and movement. As we talked Olivia declared that they completely trusted my creative eye and were up for anything. She made sure to let me know she was more than happy to get wet, muddy, sandy…whatever it took to get the photos for them. Music to my ears! There’s nothing better than knowing your photographs have really connected with a couple and they just want me to do my thing.

mother to be in woodland opening wearing white lace gown she is holding her bump with one hand and lifting the back of the gown up with other hand bath maternity shoot

Olivia and Ian made just two requests ahead of the shoot. Firstly, Olivia had her eye on one of the dresses from my client wardrobe, it’s a gorgeous long, lace gown with a real boho vibe. I knew it would look incredible on her. Secondly, they love the outdoors and enjoy long walks with their dog. They asked for a woodland location as it is somewhere they feel most comfortable, and most like themselves. Now, a while ago I stumbled upon a beautiful forest. As soon as I saw it I knew exactly what I wanted to capture there and had been saving it for the perfect shoot. Enter Olivia and Ian…I talked it through with them and they were in agreement. That was the spot!

mother to be in woodland surrounded by autumnal leaves she is wearing a lace gown and lying down leaning against a tree bath maternity shoot

These two are so loved up and adorable together. I knew they wouldn’t want too much posing or to feel like things were forced or awkward. Instead, I concentrated on capturing them laughing together, all the little moments between them both. The touch of a hand, a look of love, a shared giggle. We met up in the early morning so got some stunning, golden sunlight. As we moved onto our next locations Olivia and Ian were just so chilled and happy to be in front of the camera. Olivia was glowing and you could see the love Ian felt for her.

mother to be in woodland opening sitting on a fallen tree trunk wearing a black lace gown she has her eyes closed and looking to the sky with a smile on her face bath maternity shoot

Before the shoot I spoke to Olivia, as I do with everyone, and asked how she had been feeling throughout her pregnancy. Was there anything she wanted to share that I could use on the shoot? I just love her answer.

“I have been feeling incredible throughout this pregnancy. It’s been a real journey of empowerment for me, totally honouring and respecting my body.”

What an answer! That really spoke to me. Throughout our time together my aim was to make sure Olivia continued to feel empowered. To feel strong and beautiful. I wanted to honour her pregnancy and for both her and Ian to embrace this time together as they moved forward into a new chapter of their lives. I am so excited for the two of them.

mother to be in woodland opening with leaves on the ground and a slate stone background wearing a white lace gown bath maternity shoot
If you're about to give birth and would like a maternity shoot in the Bath area then please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.


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