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Pregnancy Photography in Bristol Featuring a Magical & Moody Woodland

Gaia In Bloom - Pregnancy Photography, Bristol

Meet Gaia and Tom, they’re just so loved up and the excitement they felt about meeting their little Dot was infectious.

Gaia fell in love with my photography whilst searching for a pregnancy photographer in Bristol. She was captivated by the whimsical, fairy tale element to them and loved that there was ‘no cheese’. Which was very good to hear, I pride myself on being a non cheesy photographer!

a beautiful pregnant woman sitting on a fallen tree branch in a woodland wearing a long rust coloured cloak for pregnancy photography Bristol

Pregnancy Photography, Bristol

The plan for the day was for Gaia (and bump) to have a solo maternity shoot with me. Tom was there as her driver and support. I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist getting involved however and we captured plenty of images of him snuggling up to his wife. They’re just adorable!

Gaia and I had a fab chat before the shoot. It’s so important to me that I connect with my clients. I don’t want us to be strangers on the day. Photography shoots - especially maternity sessions - are so intimate and need us to completely trust each other. Gaia wanted to feel amazing and asked to borrow my client wardrobe. The gowns were perfect for showing off her bump and she said she just felt incredible. We used three dresses in the end, going completely with the flow and keeping the whole shoot nice and relaxed. I kept checking in with both Gaia and Tom, I didn’t want them to feel uncomfortable at any point and they knew we could stop any time they (Gaia!) needed a rest and a bit of time out.

mum and dad to be walking through woodland smiling during their pregnancy photography Bristol photoshoot

couple looking at each other and smiling as husband holds baby bump in Bristol pregnancy photography session in woodland

Woodland Pregnancy Shoot in Bristol

We’d been trying to decide whether to do the shoot on the beach or in the woods at Trowbridge. In the end we opted for the woodland, the day was forecast to rain but the sun came out and the light was just glorious. We got some amazing images and as soon as I said “that’s a wrap” the heavens opened and we were drenched! What wonderful timing that was! For a January shoot we were absolutely blessed with the weather. Gaia is Italian and had told me she felt the English cold very quickly. With that in mind I kept things moving and making sure she was warm enough throughout the shoot. Tom was a huge help to both Gaia and me. He became my unofficial assistant for the day - fluffing out her dress, straightening out straps etc. It was lovely to see his support for her both on and off camera.

black and white photography of a pregnancy photography Bristol photoshoot in woodland with a smiling couple hugging one another and holding their baby bump

close up shot of mum to be holding her baby bump while dressed in a flowy blue gown being hugged by her husband in the woodland for an outdoor maternity photoshoot wiltshire

atmospheric maternity photoshoot with expectant mum walking along a woodland bath in the sunshine for pregnancy photography Bristol photoshoot

an expectant mum standing in woodland wearing a flowy blue gown blowing in the wind as she shows off her pregnancy bump for an outdoor maternity photoshoot wiltshire

I’d asked them all about their first dance at their wedding and played Etta James for them throughout the shoot. Music gives another element to the session, helping people to relax and just be in the moment. It’s my not so secret weapon to help people be themselves!

pregnancy photography Bristol photoshoot captures beautiful expectant mum wearing a long cloak standing in a moody woodland

beautiful expectant mum sitting on a fallen branch cradling her baby bump during woodland maternity shoot for pregnancy photography Bristol session

black and white portrait of pregnant woman dressed in a long cloak sitting on a fallen branch in a moody woodland for a couples maternity photoshoot

a beautiful pregnant woman dressed in a long cloak lying on a fallen branch amongst the woodland during a pregnancy photography Bristol photoshoot

A few months later I joined them at their home in Bristol for a newborn shoot. Keep your eyes on the blog to see that and find out whether “Team Green” was actually “Team Pink” or “Team Blue”!

For now though, here’s Gaia, looking like a supermodel amongst the trees.

black and white portrait of mum to be during a maternity pregnancy photography Bristol photo session set outdoors in woodland

pregnancy photography Bristol outdoor photo session captures a mum to be sitting on a moss covered branch in beautiful woodland holding her baby bump

If you’re due to give birth in the next few months and would like your own pregnancy shoot in or around Bristol then let’s have a chat!


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