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kate ventress headshot who is a family and wedding photographe in the uk offering an instragram hashtag guide for photographers

Hi, I'm Kate.

Kate Ventress 

Instagram Hashtag Guide for Photographers

Do you ever feel like the algorithm is against you?

Ever thought "Instagram hates me"?

You keep posting, your slapping hashtags in there like there's no tomorrow and the reach just isn’t there?

Or worse, you keep attracting competitors?

Picture this... you've prepped your latest Instagram post. The photo is amazing, the caption is perfect. You include your hashtags, hit post and BOOM! You've got engagement, gained new followers, you've had enquiries. You've cracked it! The world of Instagram suddenly makes sense and is yours for the taking... 

A few days later, you post again. You follow the same steps as last time but...tumbleweed. No engagement. No new followers. Your inbox is empty. What has happened? 

Don't panic, you've not broken Instagram! This is so common and I'm here to help. 

I will give you all the intel about what hashtags are, how they work, and how best to use them. This course is for you if you'd like to help your posts to perform better and improve your reach to the right people. More reach means more people seeing your work and ultimately more clients.

Using a successful Instagram hashtag strategy has helped me grow my following, increase engagement and book more clients for my photography business. 

Buy now to reveal the full power of hashtags and make Instagram one of your enquiry streams!

Kate XX

kate ventress a photographer sits in a chair to give advice with her instagram hashtag guide for photographers


Kate’s hashtag course is brilliant. I thought I was pretty Instagram savvy but Kate helped me to see how I could use hashtags in a different way in order to support my business and she shared so many helpful gems! Kate herself is friendly and informative and it was a pleasure learning from her. Thank you so much Kate! - Chloe

review image for instagram hashtag guide for photographers by kate ventress family and wedding photography uk

Kate’s hashtag course was so informative, she explained everything in great detail and offered a range of examples of hashtags used for a specific target audiences eg, community, feature etc. She explained different areas such as banned hashtags, advanced settings and many other ways to grow your target audience. I felt comfortable to ask a question if needed. Kate is so lovely and approachable thank you!

review image for instagram hashtag guide for photographers by kate ventress family and wedding photography uk

Since Kate's Hashtag course, I’ve really honed in on my target audience and now use #’s that they use. This has positively impacted the amount of none followers seeing my posts which has gained me more new followers and most importantly more bookings from my ideal clients.



This PDF + video workshop includes a live recording where I shared all my hashtag knowledge and use it daily to get results. And, you also get my PDF hashtag guide that is jam-packed with info, tips & tricks.


Let me answer those for you...

  • Where do your photoshoots take place?
    All my sessions take place on location. I travel to you, your home, the beach, in the woods or at your favourite park. I have found many locations throughout Wiltshire. I know of beautiful meadows, waterfalls and fields but if you have a place that has a personal attachment then our shoot will not only capture the moments of that day but it will stir up memories of hazy summers playing football on that field or the day a seagull stole your lunch on the beach.
  • What happens if it rains?
    I run a photography business in the UK so I'm not put off by a bit of drizzle. I'm totally confident capturing portaits in the rain. Some of my favourite sessions have included snow and hail. The most flattering and soft light is on a day with lots of cloud cover and I will take this any day over a bright sunny day. if it is pouring with rain on the day of your shoot then don't worry. Often the added of challenge of thinking outside the box has resulted in some of my favourite work. I do however keep a handful of back up dates in my diary in case we do have to reschedule.
  • What should we wear to our shoot?
    Dressing yourself in the morning is hard enough when you don’t have to stand in front of a camera and be your best self. Choosing what to wear for a photoshoot can trigger even the most confident fashionista to pull their entire wardrobe out onto the floor in search of the perfect outfit. So if you start getting nervous when you think about what to wear, don’t worry. This is SO normal! As the your shoot approaches I will share my ‘What to Wear’ guide with you. I do also have a client wardrobe that you have access to if you get really stuck with something to wear.
  • I hate having my photo taken as I have body confidence issues. Is there a way around this?
    You absolutely do not have to look like a model and in my experience most models have the same body hang ups that we all do. I urge you to tell me beforehand if you have something specific that you are self concious about. This way I am aware of it and will make sure I shoot accordingly. I also want you to tell me all the things you love about yourself so that we can honour you in the way you deserve.

Ready to use hashtags to grow your Instagram?

work with me!

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