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Studland Beach Maternity Shoot

I absolutely loved this “Mama to Be” shoot with the beautiful Abi. We had so much fun on Studland Beach - and a few rather cheeky moments too!

Abi’s shoot took place back in November. As you can imagine, it’s not the ideal time of year for a photoshoot on the beach but we wanted to make sure we got her photo session done before her bump became much bigger. There’s always a narrow window of time for maternity shoots (32-36 weeks is perfect). Too soon and that beautiful bump hasn’t appeared in its full glory. Too late and it can be just uncomfortable for Mum. With that in mind we arranged the shoot for November and kept our eye on the weather forecasts. It was set to be rather overcast and rainy but with Christmas fast approaching we knew it was now or never so decided to go for it.

mother to be wearing white gown lying on beach with her face pointing to the sky and her hand on her bump trees in background beach maternity shot

Abi and I drove down to Studland Beach together. That 90 minutes or so of driving gave us plenty of time to chat and get to know each other so by the time we arrived we were both so comfortable and relaxed together. This is so key to a successful shoot. Pregnancy can feel like such a vulnerable time and I never underestimate the courage it takes for women to turn up and be photographed.

Abi was so keen to celebrate her pregnant body, I also love how these maternity shoots help bring mum and unborn baby closer to each other. It offers some time to connect with the baby and I always say it’s one of the first things you and your little one do together!

mother to be posing in cream dress as she lays on a tree trunk with her arm behind her head looking into the distance beach maternity shoot

We wanted to get some photos where Abi looked and felt incredible. Photos that were different from the norm and a step away from everyday life. She donned one of my client wardrobe dresses and, oh wow! She looked gorgeous! That dress is big, floofy, striking and super extravagant. It’s perfect for a session like this.

mother to be sitting cross legged at the edge of the water with baby bump showing wearing white bra sand tress and bushes in background beach maternity shoot

After some more natural and relaxed poses Abi asked if she could have some nude photos to really show off her changing body. When we’d first talked about this we’d reasoned that the beach would be empty. After all, the weather forecast wasn’t good. Well, we all know you can’t trust weather forecasts! The day had turned out much nicer than expected and so Studland beach had a few more walkers on it than we’d anticipated! Abi was still keen to go for it and we had such a giggle as she covered up with a blanket and waited for me to tell her when the beach was empty so she could throw it off and pose! Careful as we were, some people enjoying the beach may have seen a bit more than they bargained for! It was only later that we discovered that just a few yards down from us was a nudist beach. If we’d known we would’ve headed straight there for those shots!

mother to be wearing extravagant cream fluffy dress as she poses next to the sea holding her baby bump beach maternity shoot

Accidental flashing aside we had the most wonderful shoot. We both ended up in the sea and it was a lot of fun. Well, it was fun until someone (ahem, me!) realised they had forgotten to bring a change of clothes along. I drove home with a rather soggy bottom! It was worth it though, especially hearing that Abi felt so empowered and beautiful in her own skin after the shoot, exactly how I wanted her to feel.

Once the little one was born I went over to Abi’s home for her newborn shoot and was so pleased to see photos from her Mama to Be session up on the wall. As a photographer, there is no greater feeling than knowing someone loves your work and feels amazing once they’ve had a shoot with you.

If you are feeling inspired and considering a beach maternity shoot, get in touch here! I would love to hear from you!


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