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A Wiltshire Newborn Shoot with Baby Willow

Someone may look a little familiar in this blog post…if you’ve read my blog recently and seen Abi’s Mama to Be shoot well, here’s what happened next!

Welcome to the world little Willow. Just a month or so after our hilarious and beautiful maternity shoot at Studland Beach Willow made her appearance and what a little cutie she is. When she was just 4 days old I went to visit Abi, Grant and their little one. I was armed with my camera and so looking forward to taking Willow’s newborn photos (and having some cuddles too!)

newborn baby lying with eyes closed on burnt orange bedding wearing a fabric headband and covered in white blanket wiltshire newborn shoot

I love at home newborn shoots. It’s an amazing memory for the whole family to look back on in years to come and it saves new parents the stress and worry of having to leave the house and be somewhere on time. No easy task in those early days.

It was so lovely to meet Willow. She is adorable and the absolute spit of her Daddy! Grant is in the army and, as she was born in January, he was able to have some time off with his new daughter. We wanted to get some photos of Willow and Grant that would acknowledge his role in the army and that he was serving at the time she was born. He put on his uniform and held her tenderly in his arms. I love those photos where you can just see the pattern on his jacket as Willow holds onto her Daddy’s thumb. She knows where her safe place is!

Cute closeup picture of newborn baby being cradled in mums arms baby is touching their face with their hands wiltshire newborn shoot

Abi looked incredible, especially so soon after giving birth. I knew she wouldn’t be feeling her best though so we kept things very relaxed and the whole shoot went at a nice gentle pace. Lots of time for Willow to sleep, feed and be changed whenever she needed. When I arrived I saw she was fast asleep but was wearing her little outfit. This was perfect, I always say to couples that it’s always best to pop them into their clothes before I arrive. That way if baby is fast asleep then I can make a start and get those wonderful, sleepy shots without disturbing them.

closeup of newborn baby sleeping on burnt orange bedding and white blanket with her mum touching her arm wiltshire newborn shoot

Another thing I remind couples about is not to worry and rush around the house frantically cleaning and tidying before I arrive. You’ve got a new family member, you want to spend time snuggling not clearing! If I see something I’ll move it and hide it. No one will know when they look at the photos and that’s the main thing.

Grant, Abi and Willow absolutely smashed this shoot. It felt so relaxed and it was wonderful to see them all cuddling up together. They are so natural together and nothing felt awkward or forced. Just the way I like it! When Abi received the slideshow she told me she’d shed some happy tears. I love hearing this, it’s always the biggest compliment.

If you’re about to give birth and would like a photoshoot with your newborn then please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.


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