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Bristol Newborn Photographer Meets Baby Florence

What a beautiful family. Meet Sophie, Sean, Jude and Florence.

a family cuddled together on bed during newborn photoshoot y Bristol newborn photographer

We spent a wonderful day together, at their home, in a shoot to welcome baby Florence to the world. I’ve known Sophie for years. I first met her back in the days when I worked in hair and makeup and since then I’ve done a few photography sessions for a close friend of hers. When she was pregnant with Florence we chatted a lot about family shoots and booked one in for when Florence arrived. Sophie and Sean had known throughout their pregnancy that Florence had Downs Syndrome and, as Sophie told me, there was never a choice to be made. They just wanted to be prepared.

baby lying on mother's knee dressed in neutral colours with mum caressing her face at photoshoot by Bristol newborn photographer

Bristol Newborn Photographer

Sophie and Sean loved my relaxed, unposed style of newborn photography and were initially keen for an outdoor shoot. Their three year old, Jude, would be joining us. He is an absolute bundle of energy so they were thinking it would be great to go somewhere that he could run around and let off some steam! The weather wasn’t on our side though and our outdoor newborn session just wasn’t meant to be. We didn’t let that deter us and decided to do a shoot at their home instead.

Now, Sophie and Sean, as well as having just had a new addition in the family were also mid house renovations too! They were concerned that this would impact the photos but, as I tell every family I work with, that’s not something to worry about. A house doesn't need to be perfect, it’s all about the family in front of my camera. I can move things, cover things up, hide things. No one ever needs to know! As it turned out though, the bare plaster walls made a beautiful backdrop.

family sitting on sofa laughing and smiling while cuddling their newborn during a photoshoot by bath newborn photographer

Family Focused Newborn Photographs

Jude was a real livewire. A joyful, energetic little boy with the most beautiful smile. As always I kept the shoot very relaxed and led by them. We just took our time. We devised lots of games for Jude involving karate kicks, jumps, running about and cuddles for his baby sister. He was so affectionate towards Florence and adored kissing and cuddling her. The connection between the two of them was so lovely to capture.

mother kissing son's head while holding baby captured by a Bristol newborn photographer

mum lying on sofa with baby lying on her legs in a black and white photo taken by bath newborn photographer

toddler portrait of a smiling little boy sitting on the back of a sofa in front of a neutral wall taken by a Bristol newborn photographer

Sophie just loves being a mum, and you can see the love in her eyes whenever she looks at her kids. She told me that since having Jude and Florence she’s more patient and organised. It’s made her realise what’s important in life. I think every parent out there can agree with all of that.

beautiful newborn baby girl being held in mother's hands while sitting on a bed  during Lifestyle newborn photography photoshoot

mum cuddling newborn baby girl both with eyes closed and dressed in neutral colours in photoshoot by Bristol newborn photographer

newborn baby lying on bed amongst neutral coloured blankets for photoshoot by Bristol newborn photographer

Unposed newborn photography photoshoot showing a beautiful baby girl lying on a bed of comfy blankets as she sleeps

Family-focused newborn photography shoot with photo showing a newborn baby girl being held in her mother and father's hands as she sleeps

a close-up portrait of a newborn baby's head with dark hair being held in mother and father's hands

mother and father smiling at each other as they cuddle while holding their newborn baby girl captured by Bristol newborn photographer

When it comes to lifestyle family photography I always tell parents ahead of time to just go with the flow. I never promise anything, I’m open to whatever happens and I capture whatever goes on. Well, we had the most wonderful unplanned moment on their shoot. I was upstairs with Sophie and Florence when Sean came up to tell us that Jude had fallen asleep on the sofa. Bless him, he looked so cute, all tucked up there. We decided to move him upstairs and, by sheer coincidence Florence had just dropped off too. Jude and Florence cuddled up together on Sean and Sophie’s bed. I captured some beautiful, cuddly, sleepy photos of the two children. It was just gorgeous! Us three adults were so emotional looking at them. What an adorable moment!

newborn baby girl wearing neutral flower crown for her  newborn photoshoot by Bristol newborn photographer

newborn baby girl and toddler big brother lying sleeping on bed of blankets during photoshoot by bath newborn photographer

newborn baby girl in flower crown sleeping with her big brother on a bed of blankets during photo session with Bristol newborn photographer

family of four lying on bed with newborn and toddler sleeping during a photo session by a Bristol newborn photographer

If we’d gone for our original idea of an outdoor shoot we would never have seen those sleepy cuddles. Sometimes going with the flow, changing it up and opting for Plan B is exactly what is meant to be!

“Thanks so much. We are eternally grateful that we chose you, and have these images to last a lifetime!”

If you’ve got a new addition to the family and would like some unposed, laidback newborn photographs by a Bristol newborn photographer in Bath or across the South West then please get in touch.


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