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One pack of confetti & a Bath wedding photographer

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

bride and groom looking into each others eyes lovingly with noses touching the setting sun visible between their faces bride wearing white fur jacket groom wearing tartan waistcoat bath wedding photographer

Bath Wedding Photographer

Ahhhh Carrie and Chris! I adore this goofy, fun-loving couple. We had such a giggle when we met up for their pre-wedding shoot and I knew I was going to love their wedding day in Trowbridge just outside of Bath.

Carrie and Chris tied the knot just a week before Christmas. They had a small ceremony at Trowbridge County Hall before heading to a pub for lunch (love their style!) and then had a big celebration with family and friends that evening.

black and white photo of bride walking down the aisle with a big smile she is wearing a white wedding dress and a white hair veil bath wedding photographer
Weddings at Trowbridge County Hall

Both Chris and Carrie are so family orientated, it’s one of the many things they have in common and they make sure they catch up with their families at least once a week. It was so important that their families played a major role in their day. Chris’s brothers were his best men and I met up with the three of them ahead of the ceremony. They were all in high spirits as they chatted away and posed for a few photographs with their very proud mum. I don’t think she stopped smiling all day! They’ve all got such infectious laughs, it was lovely to be a part of!

Chris was still grinning away as he took his place at the top of the aisle to wait for Carrie. She couldn’t stop giggling as she stood on the stairs waiting for her cue to walk in. Her bridesmaid, her lovely sister Hannah, gave her a quick hug before heading inside and then it was time for Carrie to make her entrance. Her smiles quickly turned into tears of joy when she set eyes on Chris and her Dad got slightly emotional too! I am such a sucker for emotion, I found myself wiping a tear away as I looked around at their family who had gathered together. I think everyone had a little cry at some point throughout the day!

black and white photo of bride smiling whilst wiping a tear from her eye at wedding ceremony bath wedding photographer
just married bride and groom walking hand in hand back down the aisle groom wearing tartan suit and bride in white dress wooden walls and big mirror in background bath wedding photographer
Documentary wedding photography in Bath

Carrie and Chris walked out of the room to cheers from their loved ones and I tucked them away out of sight so they could have a moment or two alone together.

Now, Carrie had been so looking forward to her ‘confetti moment’. She spent the weeks leading up to the wedding choosing the perfect colour confetti and packaging it up beautifully. As everyone gathered outside I quickly asked Carrie where it all was so I could hand it out…and she sheepishly told me she’d left it at home! After a moment of silence we both burst into laughter and I reassured them that I’d sort it.

I like to think of my wedding photography persona as a swan. On the surface I’m gently gliding around not a care in the world. Underneath the water I’m paddling away trying not to let anything affect the couple’s day and doing whatever I can to make sure things run smoothly! So, I quickly ran outside and asked the assembled guests if anyone had brought confetti. One small box was produced! Ok, I could do this. Carrie would get her epic confetti photo!

I divided the confetti up, gave everyone very strict instructions on how and when to throw and then got myself ready. It worked! Carrie and Chris appeared, the confetti was thrown, everyone roared with laughter and we had managed it! Phew! I’ve now ordered some confetti to keep in my camera bag, just in case!

joyful photo of just married bride and groom walking down the steps of wedding hall as guests throw colourful confetti over them bath wedding photographer
cute photo of just married bride and groom hugging and touching noses with big smiles groom wearing grey suit jacket and pink tie bride wearing white hair veil bath wedding photographer
close up black and white shot of bride and groom holding hands showing their wedding rings bath wedding photographer
Natural wedding portraits

Before we first met up Chris warned me that he is not a fan of having his photo taken, or public displays of affection. However he absolutely adores Carrie and he knew how much it meant to her to get some photos of the two of them. They chose me because they knew I wouldn’t spend hours posing them or making them stand around for photographs. We had such a laugh during their wedding portraits and Chris quickly relaxed and, dare I say it, enjoyed himself. It wasn’t the brightest of days - it was December after all - but I love how the mist gave a more ethereal feel to their photographs.

As an aside, Chris loves Carrie so much he proposed to her in the exact spot she’d dreamt of. Even though he’d categorically told her he wouldn’t as it was so public! Carrie had always wanted to get engaged in front of Cinderella’s Castle at Disney. Chris warned her that it would never happen there as there was no way he would get down on one knee in front of so many people. You can imagine Carrie’s shock when he asked her to marry him as they were in front of the castle. Chris, you old romantic!

bride and groom walking next to pond in dusky light they are holding hands and looking eye to eye grass openings and trees in background bath wedding photographer

I loved spending the day with Chris, Carrie and their family and friends. I honestly feel like I’ve known them forever and it was such an honour to capture their wedding for them. If you’re after a Bath wedding photographer then get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.


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