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Bath Wedding Photography at The Limpley Stoke Hotel

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Trisha & Matt's Big Day at The Limpley Stoke Hotel

Back in April - which already feels like so long ago, this year is flying by! - the lovely Trisha and Matt got married!

These two are just so sweet and are the perfect match, Trish is chatty and a self confessed overthinker while down to earth Matt keeps her balanced. They’ve got a chaotic, energetic blended family and run their own business so they’re constantly on the go. Time together is rare and precious, so I knew how much this wedding day, and being able to celebrate their relationship, meant to them.

The Limpley Stoke is a stunning Georgian manor house tucked away in a tranquil village just outside Bath. With views over the Limpley Stoke valley, the setting is so peaceful. The grounds were perfect for Matt and Trisha’s couple portraits. We were able to have a stroll and they could enjoy a bit of time together.

When I arrived Trish was getting her hair and makeup done. She was feeling the nerves but there was excitement in the air too. In the lead up to the wedding it was touch and go whether her Mum and Step Dad (who live in Australia) would be able to make it. Thankfully the borders opened up just in time and it meant the absolute world to Trish to have her Mum there with her. Matt had spent the night with the five children so Trish could spend some uninterrupted time with her parents, they had so much to catch up on!

bride wearing silk gown sitting on chair getting her makeup done bath wedding photography
close up of bride holding diamond wedding ring in palm of her hand bath wedding photography
close up of brides white wedding trainers bath wedding photography

I popped down to meet Matt when he arrived at the hotel with his best man. Trish’s Grandad was following along with the kids, but we waited and waited and there was no sign of them. By this point Trish was in her dress, ready and raring to go. I kept nipping up to keep her posted and the registrars were fab, really reassuring and kept her calm. With 15 minutes to go her Grandad arrived, kids in tow! Matt gave them all hugs and then let out an exclamation, Archie, their two year old, was still in his pyjamas! His suit was back at their house! The registrars stepped in, they had no more weddings that day so told Matt they’d wait as long as he needed. Poor Matt dashed home, got Archie’s suit and made it back to the hotel. Phew!

At last it was time for the ceremony. Trish walked down the stairs towards her Grandad and, oh my goodness, the emotion was just incredible. I was so glad I had a camera to hide behind, I was choking back tears myself! A very proud Grandad escorted Trish to the registrars before taking his seat then her step Dad took her arm for the walk down the aisle.

bride wearing white dress and groom wearing suit at ceremony groom smiling at bride bath wedding photography
bride and groom first kiss bride wearing white dress and white veil bath wedding photography
bride and groom walking on hotel grounds as guests shower them with confetti bath wedding photography

Both Matt and Trisha wear their hearts on their sleeves. There was no hiding the joy and excitement when they took each other’s hands. In all my years shooting weddings I’ve not seen two people be more overcome with emotion in a ceremony, it was a special moment. Throughout the ceremony Matt kept gently touching Trish’s arm or holding her hand, he knew she was nervous and wanted to reassure her that he was nearby.

After I’d photographed their family groups we left their guests enjoying canapes and I whisked Trish and Matt away for some pictures. Trish had told me that in the four years they’d been together they had no more than ten photographs of the two of them. I was determined that they’d end up with far more than that from their wedding!

Matt had told me he wasn’t looking forward to having his picture taken but, bless him, he tried his best for Trish. He knew how much it meant to her. He was fab though and, at one point, I told him to whisper in Trish’s ear just how awkward he felt. That made them both giggle!

bride and groom walking hand in hand through hotel grounds with stone walls and bushes in background bath wedding photography
black and white photo close up of groom hugging bride from behind and showing rings bath wedding photography
bride and groom kissing on grass lawn with brides veil blowing in the wind trees hills and hotel in background bath wedding photography
close up of bride and groom smiling and touching noses bath wedding photography
bride and groom holding hands and looking at camera with brides veil blowing in the wind on grass lawn with bushes in background bath wedding photography

There’s one very special photograph in their wedding gallery which I need to mention. During their speeches, little Archie was fascinated by my cameras. He kept smiling at me and saying ‘cheese’! At one point I let him take a photo of his mum and dad and have included it in their final photos. He’s a photographer in the making for sure!

bride and groom hugging at fist dance as they look lovingly into each others eyes bath wedding photography

Ahead of their day Trish told me that all she wanted from their wedding photos was, in twenty years time, to be able to show their children - and grandchildren - just how happy and in love they were and still are. Looking at this gallery I feel so proud that she’ll be able to do that. It was a joy to be part of their wedding day, thank you Matt and Trish!


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