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A Romantic Bath Wedding Proposal on Pulteney Bridge

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Sukhi & Raveena's Secret Proposal Shoot

Oh my goodness! This is the most wonderful thing to be a part of but, I have to confess, I think I was as nervous as Sukhi on the lead up to this top secret proposal shoot! I knew there would be no second takes, no chance of re-taking the photograph of the moment he popped the question and I had to stay hidden! No wonder I was a little ball of anxiety that day!

Sukhi and Raveena are just the sweetest couple. They went to the same high school but their paths never crossed. It was only later that they randomly got talking over Instagram and discovered that not only had they attended school together but Raveena was really good friends with Sukhi’s cousin! In fact, she would often tease Raveena whenever Sukhi posted a story on Instagram and said that the two of them should get together!

Well, Sukhi’s cousin was right, these two are the perfect match! After they finally struck up a conversation they quickly fell in love and, three years later, Sukhi decided the time was right to propose.

boyfriend down on one knee proposing to girlfriend as she covers her mouth with her hands romantic bath wedding proposal
boyfriend down on one knee proposing to girlfriend on path next to river romantic bath wedding proposal
couple hugging after he proposes next to the river romantic bath wedding proposal

Sukhi got in touch with me as he really wanted the moment captured forever. He was determined to make the proposal - and the whole day - perfect for Raveena and had already started planning in meticulous detail.

He was determined to pop the question on the Pulteney Bridge near Bath Abbey. It’s a beautiful location, the bridge is one of Bath’s most well known spots and a stunning example of Georgian architecture. He was really concerned that Raveena would find out about his plans so I was under strict instructions about when to contact him! Together we came up with some ideas for things to do during their day out in Bath both before and after the proposal. He wanted to make the whole day really special for Raveena but didn’t want her to become suspicious so concocted a story about why they were taking a day trip to Bath. Together with his cousin (and Raveena’s good friend) he told Raveena that they needed to go to Bath for a birthday party. He got lots of people involved in his plan and they all backed up his story. She didn’t suspect a thing!

close up of hand with engagement ring romantic bath wedding proposal

The day dawned and it was beautifully sunny with blue skies. I arrived early to ‘save the bench’. Raveena was very particular about which bench he needed to be available for the proposal so I didn’t want anyone else to nab it! He text me that morning asking me to ‘blend into the background and be a nobody!’ It did make me chuckle but I knew exactly what he meant. I’d checked and double checked with him what they would be wearing, I didn’t want to photograph the wrong couple!

After a nervous wait I saw them stroll into view, I vacated my bench and tried to surreptitiously lurk behind some bushes! As a nervous Sukhi began his prepared speech to Raveena his nerves got the better of him and he blurted out “Raveena, I’ve been lying to you for months!”

As you can imagine, Raveena's face was a picture! He quickly reassured her that it was a good lie and got down on one knee. It was such a beautiful evening and the spot by the river was full of people, they all began to cheer when an overjoyed (and relieved!) Raveena said yes!

I popped up and began snapping away, then as Raveena asked Sukhi who the random woman with the camera was he beckoned me over and made the introductions. It was time for me to do a little photoshoot with the newly engaged couple! We walked over to the park that Sukhi had chosen for pictures but found it was closed! I quickly thought on my feet and remembered a lovely street I know, that also happened to have featured on Bridgerton. As we made our way their I snapped a few photos, they were both on cloud nine! When we arrived Raveena recognised the spot straight away, she’s a bit of a Bridgerton fan! I got some beautiful photos of the two of them, they were just so adorable. Sukhi’s phone kept pinging with messages, his sisters knew what was going on and were desperate to find out if Raveena had said yes!

I left them both enjoying some cocktails in a lovely little bar and, on the way back to my car, I popped into the restaurant Sukhi had made reservations at. I knew he’d put a lot of thought into planning their table settings and wanted to check it was all perfect for him. It looked incredible!

black and white photo of couple kissing against of abbey wall romantic bath wedding proposal
just engaged couple he is spinning her as he holds her hand on bridge romantic bath wedding proposal
black and white photo close up of couple just about to kiss romantic bath wedding proposal

I was due to head off on holiday a few days after the shoot but knew they were hoping to use some of the photographs to announce their engagement. I cleared my schedule and got the full set edited as soon as I could for them. It was so special knowing they would be using the pictures to tell everyone about their news.

It was such a wonderful experience to be a part of. Of course, it was nerve wracking and a little stressful but so, so worth it. As soon as Raveena said yes my nerves disappeared (as did Sukhi’s!) and I was just incredibly excited for them both.

Are you planning to propose? I’d love to be a part of it, I promise I can blend into the background very well! Get in touch here and tell me all the details.


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