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Personal Branding Photography

Stand out in the crowd! Let’s do you, let’s do your label, your brand, let’s do you & your story with creativity and vision, with heart and soul.

Personal branding photography Wiltshire, Bristol, Bath,and beyond by Kate Ventress


Personal Branding Photography Wiltshire

I love working with extraordinary souls who want extraordinary photographs for their business. It’s all about you and me, working together to find a vision and capture the real you, so your audience can get to know the person behind the brand and business name.


Booking a personal branding session is more than just having a nice photo for your website and it’s not about having a bunch of pretty photos for your Instagram. It's not even about creating consistency across all of your social media. 


You’re probably here because you’re looking for something a little different to run-of-the-mill, vacant "smile at the camera" photography. You long for the interesting, the beautiful light, and seek some creative "wow factor" that makes your audiences click & engage.


It shows you have vision, creativity, energy, and that special je ne sais quoi that they are looking for. It also helps them to click with you personally, and as we all know, people buy people.


Don’t be boring! For the love of creativity and for your loving soul that has put countless hours into building your business, please don’t get those standard head and shoulder shots or boring ass photos that everyone else has. Let’s do you, let’s do your label, your brand, let’s do you & your story with creativity and vision, with heart and soul.



"Oh Kate! These images will showcase who I am and what I offer."

" I absolute love love them. Thank you so much. And thank you so much for turning them around so quickly. I really appreciate that and I am so so grateful."




I offer two packages for personal branding shoots. Both include everything you'll need to give your business a fresh and interesting About page and social media presence.


• A pre-session video consultation

• 3 Hour session in your place of work or on location

• ​2 x Locations within 45 mins of Westbury

• ​2 Outfit changes

• 50+ Fully edited images for you to download 

• ​All marketing, social media, and website rights

Package 1 - £265


Package 2 - £169

• A pre-session video consultation

• 2 Hour session in your place of work or on location

• ​1 Location within 45 mins of Westbury

• 20 Fully edited images for you to download 

• ​All marketing, social media, and website rights


Let me answer those for you...

  • Where do your photoshoots take place?
    All my sessions take place on location. I travel to you, your home, the beach, in the woods or at your favourite park. I have found many locations throughout Wiltshire. I know of beautiful meadows, waterfalls and fields but if you have a place that has a personal attachment then our shoot will not only capture the moments of that day but it will stir up memories of hazy summers playing football on that field or the day a seagull stole your lunch on the beach.
  • What happens if it rains?
    I run a photography business in the UK so I'm not put off by a bit of drizzle. I'm totally confident capturing portaits in the rain. Some of my favourite sessions have included snow and hail. The most flattering and soft light is on a day with lots of cloud cover and I will take this any day over a bright sunny day. if it is pouring with rain on the day of your shoot then don't worry. Often the added of challenge of thinking outside the box has resulted in some of my favourite work. I do however keep a handful of back up dates in my diary in case we do have to reschedule.
  • What should we wear to our shoot?
    Dressing yourself in the morning is hard enough when you don’t have to stand in front of a camera and be your best self. Choosing what to wear for a photoshoot can trigger even the most confident fashionista to pull their entire wardrobe out onto the floor in search of the perfect outfit. So if you start getting nervous when you think about what to wear, don’t worry. This is SO normal! As the your shoot approaches I will share my ‘What to Wear’ guide with you. I do also have a client wardrobe that you have access to if you get really stuck with something to wear.
  • I hate having my photo taken as I have body confidence issues. Is there a way around this?
    You absolutely do not have to look like a model and in my experience most models have the same body hang ups that we all do. I urge you to tell me beforehand if you have something specific that you are self concious about. This way I am aware of it and will make sure I shoot accordingly. I also want you to tell me all the things you love about yourself so that we can honour you in the way you deserve.

Book Now

Personal branding shoots are available year-round but spots go quick! So contact me now to get in my diary.

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