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Maternity shoots aren’t something you can wing. There are so many extra challenges that come with capturing them, simply because pregnancy can be so hard, both physically and mentally. You need to connect with your client so you’re able to bring out the best of them at a time when they’re potentially feeling extra vulnerable and self-conscious.

It’s such a special, special time and your clients have chosen YOU to capture it for them.

This 60+ page guide will help you through each step of the process. I'll break down how I plan my shoots, how I connect with my clients ahead of the day and then I’ll walk you through the day itself. The poses I use and the way I work with my clients to help them relax. My top tips have come from years of experience and I’m so looking forward to passing on the information to you.

Mastering Maternity - A Guide by Kate Ventress

£99.00 Regular Price
£89.00Sale Price
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